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In the 90's, I started my career in Law Enforcement. I purchased what I thought was the standard equipment in Law Enforcement made by companies like Safariland, Blackhawk, and others. I soon learned that these products didn't last, and again was repurchasing these same items. Over the years I would purchase different types of holsters, mag pouches, cuff cases, radio holders, and many other holders for my duty gear, only to be disappointed when they would break or wear out prematurely. I talked to coworkers and everyone seemed to have the same reoccurring problem. I knew there had to be something better out there.


In 2003 I joined SWAT and the equipment cost only got worse. This is where LZ Tactical Holsters was born. At first it was just an attempt to create my own gear, but after a while of wearing my own product coworkers had me making these products for them as well. The requests grew and the years went on. By 2010 I learned about Kydex and how its durability and strength would make my product even better. In 2013 I officially began my business venture but was exclusive to the law enforcement community. This eventually grew to the public and my first website. within the first 6 months of being online my orders were through the roof and my shipping time went from a couple days to a couple weeks. I still maintained a full time job, but struggled to keep up with my orders. My philosophy has always been to offer the best product possible and to ensure my customers are happy with their purchase, but with my overwhelming orders and full time employment, I struggled to keep up. I soon decided to take down the website and stay strictly word of mouth until I retire and can focus full time on the business. Well, here I am nearly 10 years without a website and after 28 1/2 years in Law Enforcement I retired and can now focus full time on my passion.


I immediately grew from 20-30 orders a week to 80 plus a week. LZ Tactical Holsters are now in 4 gun stores, 2 gun ranges, a direct supplier for a law enforcement academy, and supply numerous law enforcement officers with their duty equipment, as well as supply numerous concealed carry holsters for everyday citizens exercising their 2nd amendment rights.





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